Out of the field and into the jar!
We process all our fruit and vegetables directly after harvesting.
Our production plant is situated in the direct vicinity of the fields and plantations, thus avoiding long transport distances. This guarantees freshness and relieves the strain on the environment.

Our state-of-the-art production lines enable swift and gentle processing. We nevertheless also attach the utmost importance to our staff overseeing the processes wherever possible with their well-trained eyes and experience. Accordingly, all fruits at HAINICH are still carefully picked and jarred by hand.

Processing of the crops directly from the fields is crucial to the high quality of all HAINICH products. We additionally have this quality confirmed by independent laboratories on a regular basis, so as to ensure the highest level of product reliability. It is the unparalleled natural taste of our products that never fails to satisfy our customers, however. How do we achieve this taste for all our preserves and spreads? As a company with strong ties to the region, it is only natural that we process all harvest products with great dedication according to long-established original recipes from the region.

In the interests of natural-tasting products, we firmly rule out the use of preservatives. In keeping with long-standing traditions, we use only heat, salt, sugar and vinegar to preserve our products – just like more than 100 years ago!