“Lokale Bündnisse für Familien” is a voluntary association of companies aimed at establishing family-friendly local environments.

As a partner of this association, HAINICH Konserven GmbH is committed to this vision of a more family-oriented local district. Satisfied employees and a willingness to actively help improve family life are integral elements of our company guidelines.

By way of example, on 22 August 2013 the HAINICH Konserven company opened its doors to TV presenter Ralph Caspar and 80 primary school pupils from the region who were able to follow the gherkin manufacturing process at our company from the field to the final product in the jar, as the lucky winners of our Action Day 2013.

Further information on the central government initiative "Lokale Bündnisse für Familie" is available in German at:

Source: Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

Photographs: Christian Burkert