HAINACH Konserven GmbH is situated far away from any industrial centres on the edge Hainich national park, which is home to Europe’s largest continuous expanse of deciduous woodland.

Hainich is a region covering some 200 square kilometres which remains devoid of any roads to this day. Its highest elevation is “Alte Berg”, a mountain crest lacking a distinctive peak. It rises to almost 500 metres in height, which is modest by comparison with other German uplands.

In densely populated and intensively farmed Germany, Hainich is a haven of unspoilt nature extending far and wide whose flora and fauna have evidently been free of any systematic use or control by humans for some time.
Hainich’s untouched nature offers forest scenery of outstanding beauty. The countryside below the Hainich ridge is characterised by a hilly landscape with fertile fields all around.

Source: ReKo GmbH