Environmental protection

Protecting the environment is a matter close to our heart. An ecological approach in all areas of production is integral to our mindset. HAINICH Konserven GmbH is also pleased to serve as a role model for other companies by way of various innovative measures in the ecological field.

A prime example here is our use of biogas from biogas plants operated by our sister companies. Steam for pasteurisation purposes is generated by means of a cutting-edge process, while waste heat from motors is used to heat production and administration buildings and dispatch sheds. This leads to considerable savings in heating oil while also substantially reducing heat emissions into the atmosphere. This is just one of numerous measures through which we help to protect the environment, such as:

Use of our own well
Our well covers our entire water requirements for production purposes and ensures an independent supply of drinking water.

Operation of our own sewage treatment plant
All waste water from our production processes and administration activities is treated in this plant, thus relieving the strain on the local sewer network.

Efficient waste separation
Glass, metal, cardboard, wood and plastics are disposed of separately. Organic waste is processed into humus at our nearby sister company “Vogteier Kompostwerk GmbH”. In addition to relieving the strain on the local disposal systems, this provides for the recycling and conservation of resources.

Short transport distances
By sourcing first and foremost regional raw ingredients cultivated in the local area and using our newly built and modernised depots for the local storage of our finished products, we are able to maintain short transport distances. This reduces CO2 emissions and relieves the strain on the roads.

DIN EN ISO 50001:2011
In December 2015, our efforts to improve energy efficiency received official confirmation from LRQA auditors when our energy management system was certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2011.