We are at home in the largely unspoiled natural setting of Hainich National Park in the Free State of Thuringia, with its charming forests, extensive heathland and picturesque rocky stream beds.

This location in the green heart of Germany provides an ideal base from which to supply our customers throughout Germany and beyond with tasty, regionally produced fruit preserves, pickles and sweet spreads.

Pickles, fruit preserves and sweet spreads of the highest quality, manufactured according to traditional Thuringian home recipes which have been passed down through the ages – this is our core business and our great passion.

HAINICH’s broad product range extends from delicious morello cherries and fine, creamy apple sauce through savoury and spicy gourmet and hot & spicy gherkins to a wide selection of jams and jellies. Our location at the geographic heart of Germany additionally provides the ideal logistical base from which to deliver our specialities throughout Germany.

The production of preserves in Niederdorla stems from a Thuringian cooperative with a long tradition of cultivating fruit and vegetables. Since 1980 it has also been processing its produce. The cooperative’s name was changed to HAINICH Konserven GmbH in 1990. Today, the company belongs to TUPAG Holding AG (

We currently have a permanent workforce of around 70 at HAINICH Konserven GmbH, plus 80 seasonal workers. Recent investments in building alterations and the modernisation of our production technology have established an advanced and efficient production plant.